The world energy supply is facing a diverse and broad set of challenges. Owing to the development of industrial civilization and the rapid increase in population, the fossil fuel reserves on earth have been consumed rapidly. The over-reliance on the use of fossil fuels has led to not only environmental pollution but also global climate change. Concerns over climate change related to carbon emissions are affecting governmental and company policies and strategies. Combined with other drivers, these factors are putting increased focus on sustainable fuels made from biomass.

Bio-pellets are sustainable bio-fuels which can be categorized into white pellet (pelletized directly from biomass) and black pellet (pelletized from torrefied biomass), both having the characteristics of being “carbon neutral” and clean combustion that they are effective alternatives to replace the fossil fuels in industrial combustion and power plant applications. Therefore, the aim of this workshop “Bio-pellet Production, Handling and Energy Utilization” is to provide a platform for discussing the recent advances in bio-pellet manufacturing and energy applications.

This bio-pellet workshop will bring together experts from both industry as well as academia who have been involved in the development of bio-pellet technologies and applications. We sincerely invite you to join us in this workshop and look forward to seeing you in Tokyo, Japan on 24 Oct. 2017.